During the 60’s and 70’s popcorn roofs were extremely famous, even into the mid 80’s kin were inclined to setting up this sort of finished roof. As time has passed by mortgage holders notice one thing about these kinds of roof, they are truly challenging to clean! Likewise, they truly date your home similarly as shag rugs can. Many individuals thusly are searching for a straightforward strategy for eliminating popcorn roof material.

As a matter of some importance

In the 70’s asbestos was a famous structure material and in the event that your house was constructed or might have been renovated in that time span you should see whether the popcorn material contains any asbestos. To do this you ought to painstakingly saturate around four little region of your roof, these ought to quantify around one inch square. Tenderly scratch away the material with a clay blade and spot it in a zip lock sack. You should call around to find a nearby research facility that can test the material for you.

In the event that the experimental outcomes show any hints of asbestos you should call an expert to have it taken out or cover the roof with another drywall roof all things considered. It isn’t fitting to eliminate this material yourself because of the malignant growth causing¬†https://www.popcorn-ceiling-removal-toronto.ca properties of asbestos. Anyway assuming the tests are spotless you are set to continue.


When the issue of asbestos is, far removed eliminating popcorn roof material is clear; notwithstanding, you ought to be ready for a wreck. Please you will need to eliminate your furnishings and collectibles from the room. The most ideal choice for downplaying the wreck is putting down coverings; you might try and need to tape them around the edges or at the corners.


Eliminating popcorn roof material should be possible in two ways. You can get sand the material dry the roof, but this makes huge measures of fine residue particles and is by and large left to experts with explicit hardware. The most well-known strategy for eliminating popcorn roof material is with a shower bottle and a scrubber.

Essentially shower plain water on a part of the roof, the same way you took your example before and afterward using a scrubber start to strip the popcorn from the roof. You need to soak the region well however not immerse it, particularly in the event that you are wanting to paint the hidden drywall. An excess of water will cause staining of the material under the popcorn.